UMKC-Investment club

Founded in 2018, UMKC Investment Club (UMKC-IC) is a selective investment club at the Henry W. Bloch School of management. The purpose of the club is to recruit, teach, and manage. UMKC-IC recruits new members interested in learning more about the world of finance. We educate them through a rigorous 11-week program, overseen by our senior members, to make them analysts of the club, they then have the opportunity to take another 15-week program in the spring semester that promotes them to the associate level, where they can lead their own research with a team of new recruits that join the next fall semester. Finally, UMKC-IC manages. UMKC-IC is closely affiliated with the MSF Student-Run Fund at UMKC. As such, our members act as the associates and analysts to the students in the student-run fund class, who can be thought of as the portfolio managers. As such, our members review current investments, prepare performance analysis, and generate new ideas for the $1M portfolio.


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